Think safety when choosing your gifts

10 December, 2012
Author: Charles Hodgson

Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey is urging Queenslanders to put safety first when choosing gifts for children this Christmas.
Mr Dempsey said it is important to make sure presents are age appropriate and don’t pose a danger.
“Every year the Queensland Ambulance Service is called to emergencies caused by gifts that were either a choking hazard, not suitable for the child’s age or just dangerous to use,” Mr Dempsey said.
“Children up to the age of six are the most susceptible to choking so it is best to purchase gifts that do not have small removable or breakable parts that could be easily swallowed.
“Toys such as skateboards and scooters are always popular among the older kids but dangerous when not used responsibly.
“So if you’re buying one of these presents spend a little extra and purchase the safety equipment such as knee guards, elbow guards and helmets to minimise the chances of injury should they fall.”
Mr Dempsey said there were a few simple rules to follow when buying gifts for children.
“It’s good practice to ensure the gift meets Australian Safety Standards because this gives parents peace of mind that it has passed stringent safety and quality checks.”
“Christmas is a supposed to be a fun time of year so make sure it’s Santa who visits this festive season and not a paramedic.”