Wet Wipes Have Poo Tential to Cause Blockages

10 January, 2022
Author: Unity Water

Toilet Paper Gate of 2020 seems to be rearing its ugly head again and has the poo-tential to cause nasty blockages in private plumbing.

Recent panic-buying of the three-ply during Queensland’s latest Covid-19 outbreak may have some people using wet wipes, paper towels or tissues instead.

Unitywater is urging the community not to flush anything down the toilet except the Three Ps – pee, poo and toilet paper.

“If you find yourself having to wipe with something other than toilet paper, please ensure you put it in the bin,” Unitywater Executive Manager Customer Delivery Rhett Duncan said.

“If you flush anything else, you could cause blockages or sewage overflows in your home. Not only are these unpleasant but can be expensive to fix.

“Even wet wipes labelled ‘flushable’ don’t break down like toilet paper does. Remember – don’t block it, bin it.”

Mr Duncan said flushing items other than the Three Ps could also cause issues in the wider sewerage system.

“Blockages can damage our infrastructure and impact how our systems operate. We want to ensure our services continue to run smoothly for our customers and we ask everyone to think before they flush.”

Find out more on our Wet wipes are rubbish page. https://www.unitywater.com/residential/toilets-and-sewerage/stop-problems-occurring/wet-wipes-are-rubbish


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