Scholarship Recipients Eager to Make Splash in Water Industry

26 October, 2021
Author: Unitywater

Unitywater has awarded two $10,000 scholarships to University of Sunshine Coast students at the School of Science Technology and Engineering Awards.

Unitywater Executive Manager People Culture and Safety Kenan Hibberd said each scholarship, awarded over a student’s last two years of study, also includes three months of paid work experience over each summer break through Unitywater’s Undergraduate Vacation Program.

“We have seen some wonderful students come to us through the scholarship program who gain valuable experience in their field of expertise in the vacation program and then go on to be successful in gaining further employment with us in the graduate development program,” Mr Hibberd said.

“Unitywater is a major employer and service provider in the region that actively works to support students and the bright stars of the future by offering them fulfilling career paths in the region they call home.”

The Unitywater Engineering Scholarship, which supports Civil Engineering students with a major in Environment and Water or combined Bachelor of Environmental Science double degree, went to Sunshine Coast campus student Jenna Hopp.

The Unitywater Bright Future Scholarship, which supports undergraduate students enrolled in a Business, Commerce, ICT, Engineering or Social Science program, went to Caboolture campus student Jarryd Elliott.

“We look forward to welcoming Jenna and Jarryd to Unitywater and sharing their skills and passion within our organisation,” Mr Hibberd said.

Hopp, who is about to finish her fourth year of a five-year double degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)(Hons) / Bachelor of Environmental Science, said the scholarship will greatly impact and compliment her university studies and future career through the opportunities for vacation work and potentially the graduate development program.

“Growing up in rural north Queensland and experiencing first-hand the importance of primary production such as farming and its close relationships with resources like water has given me an appreciation for how its supply and management is essential for everyday living,” she said.

“Working in an industry that deals with water management, supply systems and maintenance I would hope to find rewarding as you service members of your community as well as ensure duty of care to the environment.

“I have been eager to engage in work experience throughout my degree and am excited for vacation work with Unitywater because not only will I be exposed to the workplace but also in a field I am interested in continuing. I look forward to being able to take the skills I have learnt at university to the workplace where I can continue to learn and improve upon them.”

Elliott, who is about to finish his second year of a three-year Bachelor of Information & Communications Technology degree, said the scholarship will aid him in continuing his studies and alleviates the financial burden that comes with a full-time study load.

“Upon graduating my career goal is to apply the knowledge and skills learnt to contribute to local communities and create a safer and more sustainable future for generations to come,” he said.

“Having this amazing opportunity to work with Unitywater allows me to achieve this goal, as they hold the same values in creating a safer environment. This scholarship assists me greatly as it offers further opportunities to learn and grow as a future IT professional with Unitywater. It is a great honour and privilege to be awarded this scholarship and I am truly grateful.”